Thursday 17 April 2014
Ann Kok’s fun factor11 February 2014

The actress thinks mummy roles are ‘boring’ and that life is too short to be unhappy.

Desmond Tan gets a taste of comedy in “Spouse for House”10 February 2014

Singapore actor Desmond Tan makes his first foray into comedy with the new English-language comedy series "Spouse for House".

Days Of Rage: History they didn’t teach in school08 February 2014

The Channel NewsAsia documentary offers a historic reality not found in textbooks.

My awkward moment: Terence Cao07 February 2014

Was it the durians, Wen Long? Soup Of Life’s Terence Cao fixates on his spat with a fellow actor.

Farisha Ishak puts school on hold for music07 February 2014

The Final 1 champ is leaving life as a political science undergraduate to concentrate on her singing career for the time being.

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